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Rack space

Telehouse is a purpose-built co-location facility in Docklands, London which is among the most secure buildings in Europe.

There are security guards on site at Telehouse 24/7/365 and access to rooms is via a stringent and thorough keycard security system.

Telehouse is also the home of the Linx Network where most of the UK Internet traffic passes through at one point or another – it’s an influential bustling hive of internet activity.

Hosting your Internet Network in Telehouse ensures your UK customers will see your servers at the fastest possible speeds, since their ISP is likely to have their own backbone going through there also – piece of mind that your rack is running at its greatest performance.

We have APC Masterswitches installed in all our racks in Telehouse so we can power cycle your equipment even when it is not responding. Cutting edge security measures. Climate control systems make sure that your equipment always operates at maximum efficiency. Come rain or shine, your servers will be running at the ideal temperature.

3 Separate connections to the National Power Grid are there to make the continuous supply of electricity is reliable and uninterrupted.
Backup power generators take over in case of an unexpected blackout.

If you need any further information about this service, please feel free to contact our sales team.

Over the years, we have recognised that keeping up with current trends is vital to remaining successful as an ISP, so you can rest assured we are well in touch with what is happening throughout the ISP industry.

We like to think of ourselves as being 1 step ahead of our competitors so that we put our customers 1 step ahead of theirs.

Hotlinks rack space is ideal for:

Interested in server co-location or buying a bandwidth connection via our network at Telehouse?  Then please call our sales team for further information…